3 Tips for Selecting Vintage Clothing

by admin

1. Quality/Detail:  Those who have an eye for vintage pay attention to quality and fine details. Any savvy vintage shopper understands that quality and detail go hand in hand. When selecting vintage clothing, make sure that you inspect the quality of the piece. You may want to avoid delicate materials unless you are using them for display purposes. Some indicators of quality vintage pieces include bound buttonholes, piped seems, hand sewing, and silk linings. Some questions you may want to consider: Are the zippers in working order? Is the lining of the garment still intact? Does the garment possess any lingering odors? Many vintage pieces are unlabeled, so consider it a plus if you find a garment with the designer’s label still intact. Usually the highest quality vintage pieces are preserved with the utmost care.

2. Condition: Collectors of vintage clothing understand the connection between condition and wearability.  If you fall into this category, you want to make sure that the garment is made of sturdy materials that haven’t deteriorated with time, especially if you plan on wearing the garment regularly. The strength and integrity of a garment are important because, if items are in good repair, you can keep the cost of mending to a minimum. Check the seems for loose stitching and make sure that there are no holes, rips, or stains (such as perspiration marks).

3. Sizing: When purchasing vintage clothing, please understand that fit is important. If you are buying the item in person, it is best to try it on for size. Comfort is key and you want to make sure that you are not forcing the item to fit. Make sure that you have enough “wiggle room” to comfortably move around in. If you are purchasing from an online retailer, look at the measurements listed and compare them with items in your closet. Remember that you can’t always depend on the sizing listed on the vintage garment because vintage sizing is often vastly different form modern sizing.

Enjoy the journey as you develop your own sense of  style and the skill it takes to select quality vintage  garments. Always remember that Very Delightful Things promises to bring you the very best in quality, condition, and sizing.