Are you interested in delightful things? Do you get overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia? Collector or connoisseur, Very Delightful Things shares your passion for all things nostalgic, whimsical, interesting, and just plain ol’ delightful. We search high and low in order to bring you the very best in things that delight the mind and the senses.

We specialize in vintage, new and pre-owned designer pieces, nostalgic items, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for that perfect vintage dress to add to your collection, one of a kind accessories, or an object that speaks to an era long gone, rest assured that Very Delightful Things has something unique to suit your fancy.

Very Delightful Things is the brainchild of Renée Hampton, who has a unique sense of style and is endowed with a passion for all things delightful. Influenced by her mother, a self professed thrift-o-holic, Renée has often accompanied her mother on thrift store hauls, yard sale excursions, and anywhere delightful things could be discovered. Armed with an eye for the unusual, she is always on a quest to obtain pieces that prove to be worthy of a story. If she can imagine the story behind the object then it’s worth adding to her collection.

Have a delightful day!