Still Life Photo Shoot in Brooklyn Studio

Hey everyone, I’m pretty excited about the latest turn of events. Very Delightful Things spent much of this season gathering, sorting, styling, and photographing many new items to be featured in our Etsy store that’s set to launch in the first week of December. I’m so excited!

Getting great pictures of all the merch was a priority, so I put a lot of effort into making sure I got just what I wanted. And who says you have to go to Manhattan to a large studio to get great photography? I hooked up with Scott Hampton (of right here in Brooklyn to light and photograph the tops and bottoms, shoes, accessories, and other delightful things in a bright, sunlit studio. The photos came out great and we had a wonderful time getting everything ready.

Music came from Pandora on an iPad and food came from Papa John’s pizza. Nothing like a veggie pizza (without cheese!) to fuel the creative frenzy!

Keep an eye out for the Etsy shop opening. There’s going to be some delightful items there and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

-Have a delightful day!