Polka Dots and Playful Frocks: OOTD

by admin

People often ask me how I find such fabulous pieces. Thrifting and fashion are my passion and I can spot a quality piece a mile away. I don’t know what it is, but I can quickly scan and grab a well constructed garment in less time than it took Muhammad Ali to deliver a knock out punch! On one of my excursions I spotted this vintage, 1980s, Mary Ann Restivo polka dot dress. How did I know it was from the 80s? The shoulder pads were a dead giveaway and, typically, many 80s pieces, such as this one, were made in Hong Kong.

It’s short sleeved and made of 100% silk. Some of the features are an overlapping bodice and ruching at the waist. It also zips and buttons up at the back with the sweetest little knotted blue buttons you will ever lay eyes on. Other accents include blue piping at the neckline and at the sleeves.  A full skirt and a modest length, (it reaches my ankles), give it an awesome twirl factor. To top it off,  the dime-sized blue polkadots make it a playful addition to my wardrobe.  This, my friends, is my OOTD! A frock this gorgeous is always photoshoot worthy. Special thanks to Scott Hampton Shoots for an amazing collaboration.

This beauty isn’t for sale, it’s one for my treasury. Don’t worry, though. There are other vintage items on my Etsy shop, of course.