The Gentleman Caller and the Mysterious Black Tie Affair

by admin

“Every respectable young lady needs a suitable gentleman caller,” she whispered demurely as she slid his calling card into the narrow pocket of her purse. At least this is the way I imagined the conversation must have went when I came across this exquisite vintage Walborg purse complete with the original coin purse, beveled mirror, and vintage calling card to boot—what makes this purse especially unique.The calling card is from a gentleman named Saul L. Singer, attorney and counselor at law. The address is 15 Dekoven Court, N.Y. 11230. Phone number (212) Ulster 9-1054. This is currently the home of the Blue Porch Bed and Breakfast located in Midwood, Brooklyn, N.Y. Whoever the gentleman was and whoever’s purse this belonged to must have had an amazing story.

Now… back to the purse. If you haven’t seen a Walborg purse before, then be prepared to be truly amazed. Quality, craftsmanship, and sophistication are the true hallmarks of this brand.

The company was founded by Hilde Walborg Weinberg in New York in the late 1940s. She designed all of her handbags and purses and used the best materials and manufacturing processes available at the time. Her purses became extremely popular in the 1950s  and eventually she opened a showroom on Madison Avenue in NYC in 1954. The original Walborg designs were made in Italy, France and Belgium. Later designs were manufactured over seas. Unfortunately there is no information available on the company after the early 1960s. This is why Walborg is truly a desirable and coveted handbag and a true find for any vintage enthusiast. Sadly I parted with this one, but you can purchase it here in my etsystore.