Vintage Mattel Wind Up Toy Truck

by admin

Here’s a great vintage item I have in my collection that’s not for sale. It’s a Vintage Mattel Wind Up Toy Truck, circa 1972. This poor thing has seen much better days and is barely in any kind of working order. The body is made of real wood and is screwed to a plastic base. The windshield was simply a blue sticker affixed to the front. You can wind him up by the little dial on his head, but the little wheels won’t spin strong enough to move him anywhere. Poor thing! If you hold him upside down, like a baby hedgehog, his little wheels with sputter a little and make a feeble attempt to rotate.

I believe he was a part of a set because he has a little hook on his read bumper, presumably to attach other little tykes to himself. He’s the last one now, none of his little buddies made it along the 40-year-trip.