What Story Would an Object Tell if it Could Speak?

by admin

As a child I loved to read stories, and loved to hear them. I still do, and often wonder what stories objects could tell if given the opportunity to speak.

While perusing my inventory, I stumbled upon these gold Salvatore Ferragamo open-toe pumps. My imagination began to soar and I visualized myself doing what the first wearer must have been doing and where she had been in these shoes. They say that “you’ll never understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” I surely wasn’t going to walk a mile, so I did the next best thing—I danced in them. She must have been a debutante, because I felt like I was at my first cotillion ball.

All eyes were on me and I was the object of every young gentleman’s desire and the envy of every junior debutante. I curtsied, as I was formally presented, only to realize that the tingling sensation that I was experiencing was not a feeling of pleasure…it was extreme pain. I immediately took off the shoes and realized that I was squeezing my size 7s into a size 5 1/2. Go figure! A girl can dream can’t she? Purchase these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes here for your collection or your fancy at etsy.com/shop/verydelightfulthings.

How do these Ferragamos speak to you? Share your thoughts.

-Have a very delightful day!